Shooting the Partial Solar Eclipse at Delamere

I very rarely plan on making any specific image when I go out, preferring to just react to what is there and what I'm seeing. For the eclipse I wanted to get something that fitted in with my Dead Lake project so I thought I'd take a look a couple of days prior to see what the options were. I settled on shooting into the lake with the reflections of the overhanging trees framing the sun. So the image on the left was taken two days prior to the partial eclipse. In actual fact I do prefer the arrangement of the prepared image than the final one, a slightly wider angle and some ripples in the water making it more obviously a reflection than a straight shot. When it came down to it though the problem was the ripples in the water distorted the crescent shape so I had to shoot with a higher iso and faster shutter speed to freeze the eclipse shape. Similarly I had zoomed in slightly in order to make the eclipse more obvious. I was nearly scuppered by clear blue skies which was too bright for the image to work and so, unlike everyone else, I was urging the clouds to cover the sun / moon :) In the event there were only a few seconds when the clouds rolled in before they obscured the whole thing.